Make a Maple Mojito with Seymour

It's been a crazy past few weeks, hasn't it?
We at GreatBags and Maple Leather have been sequestered at home in rural New Jersey since the Atlanta American Crafts Council Show was cancelled on March 12.
Our studio is operating with staggered shifts for physical distancing. Although all delivery dates need to be updated due to business closures, we have been steadily working to complete our spring wholesale orders received at Baltimore, by phone, or email.
We will somehow navigate this new territory together and we hope that you and all your family and friends are keeping safe and healthy.
As is probably true for you, some days are easier and some are harder for us, depending on the news that day or the weather report. We have been channeling our creative energy into cooking, exercise, designing new work, and planning our Victory Garden. At our house, Cocktail Hour and Menu Planning have taken on a whole new importance.
We share with you Seymour's Mojito Recipe today. As a mixologist, Seymour may not be as famous as The Barefoot Contessa (Cosmopolitan specialist) or Stanley Tucci, (Negroni and Martini specialist) but we enjoy this light and refreshing drink before our Quarantine Dinners At Home.

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