Wide 2 Zipper Fabric Travel Bag T9

$45 $48
This bag is a winner because it is small but not too small for a standard wallet.  It is especially great for travel because it packs flat in your suitcase and can be casual for day or dressy at night.
Two zippered sections: the smaller fits a large wallet or glasses with a large pocket for everything else. It is not as deep as it is wide so you can see things inside it, and has a nice shape.

The 60" long strap adjusts easily to become just the right length for any height person by simply changing the position of the knot at end of strap inside bag.
ou can even convert it to a fanny pack! It is easy to do but hard to describe-you just put the strap around your waist, then open the zipper and draw the strap snug around your waist, then tie
in a slip knot inside.

7.5” h x 10” w 60” adj. round nylon cord 2 external zippers

Color: 459

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