Stadium Purse 39RSC- Three zipper purse set with shoulder strap, wristlet, Bonus pouch, and carabiner clip

$65 $75

This 3 zipper bag is just the right size for concert and sports stadiums that limit the size of your bag going through the security inspection.
Size: 4.5” h x 6.25" w.

It weighs almost nothing because it is made from super light black diamond pattern ripstop nylon with the tapestry accent pocket on the front. 
60” long Cord-lock detachable Shoulder Strap, wristlet strap, and Carabiner clip are all included. 

PLUS: This set comes with a detachable additional 6.25 x 8” clip-on Connectable ripstop pouch that is large enough for any size cell phone, glasses, or small wallet.
You can fold up the add-on pouch and put inside the smaller 3 zipper pouch or a pocket while  going through security and clip it on later to hold your items that are larger than the allowed purse size. We just don’t understand why the allowed bag size is less than most of our cell phone dimensions, but this solution could work for you! 
Made in USA.

Color: g44

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