Custom Fabric Options for Bags and Backpacks with Black Nylon


We can make our Bags and Backpacks from any of the fabrics we have in our extensive collection if you don't like the ones we have featured in your chosen style. This is our Online Swatch Book. There is no additional charge for Special Order Fabric bags, but they do take a little longer and we make them to order. 

All these fabrics look good with Black Nylon. It is a little like Pandora's Box once you start looking at all the fabrics, so beware the paradox of choice. If you cannot decide, send  an email or give us a call at 800-826-1199 and we can probably give you advice specific to the bag style you are ordering. 

For special order fabrics that combine well with Khaki, Click HERE.

For our favorite fabrics to combine with Gray Nylon, Click HERE

For our favorite fabrics to combine with Navy Nylon, Click HERE

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